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AaDya Security is a cyber security company servicing small and medium businesses. The company's technology Judy uses a secure and private vault to create, store and protect all their passwords, keeping unauthorized users out of their login data. AaDya Security was established in 2019 and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.
BlueCargo brings visibility to optimize operations in seaport terminals.
Brandzooka is the most powerful way to advertise online and on TV. We believe in creating a world where the size of your idea matters more than the size of your budget. Our digital advertising platform powers 20,000+ brands worldwide by putting their videos in front of their audience. We are hard-charging, deadline-making, big chip-shouldering, lateral-thinking, fast-decisioning, intense-listening, collaborative-working, foul-mouthed, mischief making, equality-loving, multi-colored, scrappy underdogs, and we won't stop until everyone has access to programmatic video advertising.
Credit Mountain puts everything you need to conquer your credit in one easy to use mobile app. Stop monitoring. Start Climbing.
Credo provides instant access to medical records for providers, payers and patients.
Intelligent pregnancy care for healthier moms and babies.
Easy Expunctions leverages technology to assure our customers a clear and cost-effective solution to clearing criminal records. We seek to inform and empower people interacting with the criminal justice system, and create a fast-track to justice with guaranteed results. We are a team who cares about our fellow human beings and believes in second chances. We want people to feel safe, valued, and able to pursue their goals. We seek, share and apply knowledge and feedback to drive our innovation and increase our efficiency and positive impact. We vigorously protect the confidentiality of the criminal data we possess/access and seek to empower individuals eligible for getting their record cleared. We unquestionably offer those in front of us our time and full attention, with a goal of helping them with whatever they need. We select and use capital, human and natural resources mindfully for maximum benefit and minimal harm. Our customers will always be our top priority.
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FloatMe offers a mobile app to help millennials cover cash gaps and improve their finances. Our product is accessed via a mobile app available on both iOS and Android. Our mission is to help people make better financial decisions. We were established in 2018 and are headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with additional locations in Austin, Texas and Cleveland, Ohio.
Fulcrum is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP, MRP, and MES platform allowing small and mid-sized manufacturers to improve efficiency through workflow optimization and automated data collection. Fulcrum delivers value through a fully digital, paperless workflow leveraging machine learning, automation, predictive analytics, and advanced heuristics to drive throughput and profitability.
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Highwing is the first open data platform for commercial insurance. We provide brokers new tools to connect, access and leverage data throughout every step of the customer lifecycle, from business development all the way through binding coverage. Our platform connects broker data with carriers, driving new and valuable partnership opportunities to create better decision making on customers, products, pricing, and risk management.
iink™ is a revolutionary homeowner's claim and endorsement management platform leveraging insurance, mortgage, and technology experts as part your TEAM!
The first venture-backed marketplace built specifically for primary packaging